Научно-технический журнал "Автоматика и программная инженерия"

Requirements to the manuscripts for scientific electronic Journal "Automation & Software Engineery"


The basic requirements

The Journal accepts to publishing original papers with the results of research which were not previously published in any media, including scientific and other journals and electronic sites.


Any citing without quoting from foreign sources (plagiarism) is not permitted.

Any citing without quoting from your own sources (auto-plagiarism) is not allowed too.

Only publication of previously published illustrations and equations, if it is needed to understand the text, is allowed.

Illustrations from other sources (your own or strange one) should be provided with references to these sources.

The article should contain new scientific results and correspond to the topics Journal.

Illustration can be black and white or color, color illustrations are preferable.

Any paper must contain the summary and key words, literature references, necessary for the understanding of the paper and (or) identifying the sources of citation.

Submitted papers are subject to internal anonymous review.

The Editorial Board has the right to reject the paper from the publication, indicating the reasons for this rejection or offer to modify the paper on the reviewers' comments.

The responsibility for avoiding plagiarism, for the scientific content of the articles and for the quality of the English language is on the author(s) of the publication.

Russian authors should send before the final publication of an article scan file of expert conclusion about the possibility of open publication of the article in its final form.

All questions about the publication can be specified by e-mail.

Articles written in co-authorship of full members of the RAS, as well as articles, accompanied by a positive review of full members of the RAS (hard copy with original signature, certified at the place of work is sent by e-mail) may be published under the accelerated procedure of reviewing. This does not prevent the proposal of editing from the editorial revision and / or proposal of the best quality of the illustrative material.

Publication language is English or Russian.



Text Formatting

We strongly request to send papers in the format Word (* .doc), as well as to avoid distortions of formulas and drawings (for control) - copies of articles in the format * .pdf.

We ask that you use the page format: A4, book, text in two columns, font Times New Roman, the style of "normal", size 10 pt, single-spaced, the title - in one column 24pt font, references - 8 or 9 pt. Margins: left 3 cm, right 2 cm, top and bottom - 2 cm, pagination zero. Information about the authors - in the end of the article color photo (portrait) is desired, a width of not more than 3 cm, a height of not more than 4 cm., It is necessary to specify e-mail addresses of all authors if some of the authors do not have e-mail, we ask you specify e-mail which is desirable for correspondence. The list of authors on the first page includes only names, family names and place of work, the city and country of residence.

Editorial Board offers follow the established stylistic features and formatting style of Journal “A&SE” in the field of headers, captions, references, and so on.

Articles, decorated with significant violations of the requirements for registration may be rejected from publication on this basis.

The authors of the Russian Federation, please send an expert opinion on the resolution of open publishing, you can scan to email mail editor in chief.

Strongly urge the authors to follow the rules of the Russian language, spelling and syntax, as well as the traditional requirements for registration of electronic texts articles, paying attention to such errors, which underlines the text editor Word. In particular, the use of the comma, period, colon and semicolon between the symbol and the end of the word do not put a space, then be sure to insert a space character. In case of transfer and use spaces only after the decimal point, but not before the comma. In the case of links to several consecutive sources, use a dash between the first and the last link, for example, do not write [1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9], instead use [1-4, 6-9 ]. Pay attention to the use of points. At the end of the header and the end point of the caption is not assigned. You should not put an end to the link at the end, the point is not made until this link. Also, write correctly use hyphens and dashes in accordance with the rules of the Russian language.

The names of the physical quantities, please write in cursive, not in parentheses. As a sign of the decimal separating whole share of decimal, in Russian texts common to use a comma, and English texts - point, please do not confuse these signs. If the figure or table is formed with the help of software that uses this as a point, the correction in the illustration or table is not required, if they are inserted as a graphic. The texts and formulas observance proper use of this symbol is mandatory.